Established in 1997

Threshold Art Gallery is a space for art, ideas and discourse. The gallery fosters relationships between artists, academics and the larger ecosystem that nourishes the art community, the audience, the collector, art fairs and finally the museums.

The gallery highlights the strength of established masters and converges on rising talents at the Threshold of strong flights. Threshold has a defined role to focus attention on the vibrancy, sensitivity, richness and depth of the art from the subcontinent.

The gallery focuses on Solo showings by a stable of select artists and on well researched and curated exhibitions.
Their roster of artists ranges from those who work with traditional materials as well as experimental process-oriented works, where the gallery provides artists a platform for pushing the envelope.

Tunty Chauhan, Director

Tunty Chauhan established Threshold in 1997.,She has curated exhibitions like Paradigms I , II and III which drew acclaim for curatorial sensitivity. The other important exhibitions that followed were Body Mind and Soul, Mapping Memories, The Lost Sparrow, Humour, Wit & Satire , Revisting Beauty, Bakhiya, Nest and more recently Bind/ Bound.

Her work has been sustained and nourished over the years through her relationship with artists and love for travel. ‘Mapping Memories’ was a living project born out of this passion. It is an ongoing journey that has covered three continents.

Her well-honed intuition and discerning eye led her to collaborate and bring forth some hidden gems like Priya Ravish Mehra, V. Ramesh, Shanti Swaroopini, Achia Anzi and Anindita Bhattacharya among others. The artists she works with have been collected and showcased by leading Museums and Biennales, nationally and internationally. More recently V. Ramesh, at the American University Museum in Washington, Priya Ravish Mehra at the Kochi Murziris Biennale and Philadelphia Museum of Art and Achia Anzi at the Yinchuan Biennale.

Tunty’s vision is to incubate a space that not only promotes art through exhibitions but to encourage a discursive field through a regular program of discussions and workshops. She currently lives and works in New Delhi where Gallery Threshold, is one of the well-established, though quieter galleries.

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