Achia Anzi


Israeli born, currently residing in India. Obtained a BFA and MFA from University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. Assistant professor at O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat. His solo exhibitions were exhibited in Ouset India, Instituto Cervantes (New Delhi) Threshold Art Gallery (New Delhi), Jaipur Literature Festival & STA Gallery (Tel Aviv) and Jerusalem Biennale.


The Zionist poet, Hayim Nachman Bialik, wrote these lines while studying at Yeshiva (Jewish theological Seminary) in Europe, just before he abandoned it, and long before immigrating to Israel. In this poem, Bialik addresses an imaginary bird that migrated from Palestine to his window; expressing his loneliness, the cold of exile and longing to return to the Promised Land.


One hundred and twenty years passed, the Zionist bird of Bialik, like many other Zionist symbols, is robbed off its meaning, like a signifier that lost its signified. Zionism gave way to nationalism and militarism and the radical opponents from the Left defined this condition: Post-Zionism.


While exploring the fall of the Zionist dream (as in the sculptural installation Nimrod and Bird what do you sing, somebody else sings from your throat), my sculptures ask to readdress that old vision. Presenting those empty symbols in various positions may not be a notion of Post-Post-Zionism, but a way of looking at them with compassion ten years after parting with them when I left my homeland, Israel, towards a wishful exile.



Achia Anzi, was born in Israel in 1979. Anzi did his MFA & BFA in Sculpture from the University of Rajasthan, in 2004- 2010 and has been living in India for past two decades.

His selected shows include “Nimrod’s Descendants”, curated by Gideon Ofrat, Artist House, Jerusalem, Israel, 2011. “Peaceful be your return O lovely bird, from warm lands back to my window”, Threshold Art Gallery, New Delhi, 2012; “Land of Nod”, Threshold Art Gallery, New Delhi, 2014; “Silent call of the earth”, Outset India and Threshold Art Gallery, New Delhi, 2015; “Aleph and other stories”, Instituto Cervantes (New Delhi) and Threshold Art Gallery (New Delhi), 2016; solo project at India Art Fair represented by Threshold Art Gallery, 2013, 2014 and 2016; Yinchuan Biennale at Yinchuan China, 2016; Jerusalem Biennale at Jerusalem in 2017. His solo show, “In every wadi build yourself a home,” opened at Afula Municipal Art Gallery (Israel), in January 2019, and Subtle Silence, featuring his recent works was on display at P 8 Contemporary Art Gallery in Tel-Aviv, Israel. The show was curated by Avshalom Suliman and it ran from November 2018 to December 2018. Skin, the finer nuance, Threshold Art Gallery, 2019

Anzi’s work was featured at the India Art Fair, February 2019, as part of the Threshold Art Gallery curated booth, titled The Mythographer’s Log Book. Anzi’s sculptures were featured as part of the second curation at the Jaipur Sculpture Park, Nahargarh fort on view till Feb ’19 and Serendipity Arts Festival, 2019, Bind/Bound curated by Tunty Chauhan at Threshold New Delhi 2021.

His translation for the short stories of Urdu author, Saadat Hassan Manto was published in Hebrew by Hakibbutz Hameuchad Publishing House (2018).The artist is an associate professor at O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat and the director of the BFA program.

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