The non-conceptual path


The significant aspect of Gayatri Gamuz’ work is the work in itself. Colour and form are the essential content of her paintings. Her paintings are non-conceptual; they exist in absence of concepts to solve.

In her work the outer form transcends to a dimension where the unnamed is painted and the silence emerges.

Silence and stillness are our essential nature, the nature of the “I am” that is deeper than name and form.


Through stillness I understand the oneness, and inside this process I paint. The ancient traditions constantly refer to this oneness, the ultimate, indivisible reality which manifests itself in all things.

My inspiration stays in between east and west, between the oriental abstraction inspired by the Zen calligraphy and the contemporary western abstraction.

I paint with the patience of the artisan, the silence of the tree, the love of the mother and the calmness of the mountain