Rahul Inamdar


Rahul Inamdar is what they call a crossover artist.  With an MBA and Engineering degree followed by a decade of corporate experience in India, he took to the canvas in 2007, moving on to give up his corporate career.

Subsumed by Claude Monet’s expansive Waterlilies at Musee L’Orangerie, he was struck by the way a piece of art could move the viewer. Enquiry into the why, followed. Reflections on oneness, the space and the sublime in works such as  Rothko’s monolithic chapel paintings, Bach’s Cello suites by Yo Yo Ma, Nasreen Mohamedi’s subtle paper works – became the education. It was not long before he began showing his works at public venues like Jehangir Art Gallery, Nehru Centre and India Habitat Centre in India, Dubai and Milan.

Intent upon evolving a feeling, pure and unfelt, he works on his canvas. Surrendering to the intuition, he lets the moment take over. Colours emerge onto the canvas from the inner recesses of his mind, transparent sonorous reds, somber greens and poignant grays. Merging their individuality, while holding on to their character, the application and reduction continues till the moment when the work becomes space, becomes light.


My inward looking monotones are my studies in oneness.
The route to Oneness is through a complete surrender to the work – where the artist minimizes the means, the interference and the expectations from the work.
It requires a complete integration of the subject, the medium, the tools and the maker.  As one gives up control and embraces the medium to get out of its way, the gap between the works and the process begins to close. This simplification allows the mind to be in the moment. Beginning of the work is a long wait, and the editing is binary – either the work stays or it doesn’t.
The works that result are purely non-objective. Like a piece of music or an architectural space that one walks through, these can not be understood or comprehended, but can be felt.
Absorbing each nuance with an indrawn breath, getting drawn in is an unending sensory – spiritual experience.
That’s what I understand of my work as of now.


Significant Exhibitions


reduction | Solo, at Threshold, New Delhi, August 2021

As is | Solo, in collaboration with Threshold at 079 Stories, Ahmedabad, 2020
India Art Fair, Gallery Threshold, 2020
Caltart, Caltabellotta Contemporary Art Project, Italy 2020
Kunst Uit Mumbai, Dua exhibition at Galerie Waarkunst, Netherlands, 2020
ellipsis | Solo, Threshold Art Gallery, New Delhi, 2019
Let go | Solo, Nehru Centre Gallery, Mumbai, 2019
At Magazzini dell’Arte Contemporanea, Trapani, Italy 2019
Less | Solo, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, 2018
Mural at Museum of Memories, Mumbai | 2012

As is | Solo,Presented by Threshold at  079 Stories, Ahmedabad, 2020

Venti Contemporanei, Tuscany, Italy, July 2019
Art Society of India show, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, 2015, 17

Art talk / Workshops
On Abstraction, Indigo Mustard Art Project, Mumbai 2019
In search of goosebumps, World Art Dubai 2017
Finalist, Best Regional Artist, World Art Dubai 2017


Before art
10 years of work in Innovation and Brand Management
Masters in Management, Jamnalal Bajaj Institute, Mumbai 2003
Bachelor of Engineering, Mumbai University, 2001
B 1980




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