“My work emerges from landscape visuals and its various derivations. Land goes through tremendous changes. After years of socio-political and cultural transformations, the organic and architectural skin of the land has been layered with numerous stories. Remnants and relics hidden under the epithelial layer of the land breathe in and breathe out memories. Incessant time transforms dead trees into coal and sometimes into diamonds. Similarly memories recalled transport us into the world of myths and legends. We are the part of an ongoing shadow-play of erasure and excavation of these memories. Life as we feel it arises and passes away every moment. We enter in this stream and then transform. But the ancient lands of the planet remain as a silent witness, always. As an art practitioner I try to be an observer who explores and reflects both the tranquility and its disruptions.”

Sebastian Varghese


The geographic demarcations by water are socio-political as well as personal. Each individual interacts with a water body on a daily basis. Presence of water is a visual treat and it’s complex forms can be contemplative portals to our mind as well. When the light waves are reflected on to the ontological reality, it creates an ethereal world. But our gaze is not always on this phenomenon while we are lost in our conditionings and the emotions affect our perspective, considerably. Our fears are fluvial and passions fluid. This creates subtle agitations in the mind. But water plains can also bring tranquility at times. It’s mere presence can be the milieu of our meditations.

-Sebastian Varghese


Sebastian Varghese studied painting (BFA) at the College of Fine Arts, Trivandrum, University of Kerala and Visual Design (AD) at Richland College, Dallas, Texas USA. He works with watercolor, acrylic, oil, print, photography and video art. Sebastian has shown extensively in the US and in India, in various group and solo shows

His last show of video and photographs called ‘Hands-project-1’ was with ‘Borderlines’ Houston, of Houston, Texas, USA. In India, he lives in Kochi and he has worked as a team member of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale first edition (2012) and he is continuing as a support team member of Kochi Biennial Foundation. He has shown at Threshold Art Gallery for the following exhibitions: Verdant Memory 2018, Water Variations 2016 and Earth Beneath 2009.

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