Curatorial Note

Threads of Nature – Natural Connections – Nature: Mythology and Memory

Humankind’s relationship with Nature is undeniably a complex tapestry where it often becomes difficult to trace out a linear path from this complicated equation that our species share with the environmental forces of the planet. The artists in this exhibition contemplate this relationship through their variant stylistic approach.

In her current work Anindita delves into a deeply personal exploration of identity and our complicated connection with the natural world. At the heart of this series of work lies a sole approach to self-representation and identity beyond humanity — one that transcends the conventional human form and explores the hidden narratives of the animal realm to paraphrase the artist of her most recent series.

Shaurya Kumar is an artist of recollection who immerses himself in memoirs and imagery of history, context and time; he works in shadows of memory and pulls up fallen and forgotten objects, even if temporarily. Meanwhile both Pandit Khairnar and Rahul Inamdar contemplate nature through their abstract work that moves into the realm of the nonrepresentational territory where intangible emotions and thoughts are examined. Artist Neha Lavingia draws upon flowers, leaves, and feathers that are all objects of interest for her to study and they have become her muse—these natural objects are collected and studied as delicate ephemeral matters.

Flowers are a classic symbol of memento mori, reminding us that they eventually wilt and die. Senior artist V Ramesh similarly contemplates mortality through his study of flowers that reference artist Raja Ravi Varma stylistically, as well as his own study of natural elements that are beautiful but fade away and die, eventually leaving a trace of their memory in our minds. The idea of transcendence is important to Ramesh’s work. The human yearning for immortality remains unfulfilled and leaves behind a poetic bitter-sweet taste in our mouths.   

Together these artists explore the natural course of life, its otherworldliness and its subtle, everyday beauty.


Art Mumbai

Mahalaxmi Racecourse, Mumbai

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