Transience is a constant reality of the phenomena. I am trying to explore and reflect both the anxiety and the tranquility it creates. Theearth beneath enfolds rocks, water, minerals, metals, lava, colossal energy and immense treasures from the past. The incessant time transforms dead trees to coal and diamonds, similarly memories into myths and stories into legends. Remnants and relics hidden underneath, breath-in and breathe-out these memories. Some are buried deep, while others lie close to the surface. The earthemanates a certain calmness and dispassion about all these transformations. I juxtapose the micro and macro frames of references to reflect this ever transforming nature of life. The subtlety of this subject demands time and contemplation. So it takes several weeks for me to complete each work.

The planet is still balancing and sustaining after all the abuses we have inflicted upon it. We know that the innate harmony of its vital functions is being perturbed lately. Yet a new sun shows up every morning. Soil darkens and becomes fertile again. Rain still falls, sometimes with a different rhythm. Fresh seedlings break new grounds. Seasons change in new and complex patterns, and it is reflected in the soil and in the life around. A ‘new earth’ is born every day. We muddle through fresh realities continuously. Image making, ultimately is a gesture of gratitude to the planet, our home, and the all encompassing phenomena which we all are a part of.

– Sebastian Varghese


Threshold Art Gallery

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