Curatorial Note

Summertime gives people the space and motivation they need to create again. Away from the heat, artists are able to bring a fresh energy to their work, with attention that was perhaps divided due to busy winters.


Supporting this creative surge, Threshold holds up a mirror to this introspective process and provides their gallery space to a selection of artists, who delve into their preoccupations under the summer sun.

Artist Note

Strangely the cats came to us. First one pussycat gives a litter in your backyard. Then you notice little kittens ogling with those large curious eyes from behind shrubs and plants in the garden. The next thing you know is you are feeding them, naming them, petting them and even missing them when they fail to show up!


That is how we are into the fourth gen in less than five years.


There is something irresistible about them. I used to have cats as a kid. I don’t have them now, they have me.



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