Dilip Ranade invites you to enter his world of morphed human-animal figurations, an exploration of the absurd, a lingering legacy of Dadaist disturbance and Surreal subversion. Ranade presents in his watercolours a phantasmic situation using the luminescent quality of his medium to enhance emerging dream-like mythologies.

The philosophy of the ‘Absurd’ refers to the conflict between the human tendency to seek inherent value and meaning in life, versus the human inability to find any in a purposeless, illogical or chaotic and irrational universe. Resonating with references to Kafka, Ranade’s paintings refer to the physical correlatives of a life that has gotten out of hand. Dilip Ranade communicates a most intimate and personal intuition of the human situation, his own sense of being and his individual vision of the world by adopting a poetic and lyrical form of visual imagination.

There is a vibrant beauty in the visual narratives of each watercolour echoing alienation, transformation, psychological and emotional distance and feelings of estrangement. However, even in all the discordant different situations that Ranade evokes, he successfully alters his audience’s perceptions with thoughtful reverberations.



The Art Platform India & Threshold Art Gallery, New Delhi

C-221, Sarvodya Enclave

New Delhi- 110017


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