Some two decades back, during my first serendipitous visit to Ramana Ashram, when my glance fell on a black and white photograph of his, I was instantly captivated by it. The stillness that permeated these photographs bewildered me and drew me closer to him. The first impression sank deep in my memory and has abided when others have faded, resurfacing recurringly.

Over the years there have been many more compulsive revisits and though I have been painting his image intermittently, sometime back I felt a sense of gratitude and a need to be thankful for this grace which in operated one’s life.

The only way I could do so was by doing a body of work dedicated to his grace. I decided to do a number of works in water colours of a given size which would be of anything and everything in every possible manner – a tribute to and an acknowledgement of Ramana’s sense of inclusivity both in his life and teachings.



Threshold Art Gallery, New Delhi

C-221, Sarvodya Enclave

New Delhi- 110017

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