Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Gallery Threshold commemorates this marker with the group exhibition ‘Gold’ which alludes to the special symbolic significance of value to individual artists. This tour de force collection embodies the curatorial vision of its founder Tunty Chauhan and the creative group of contemporary artists with which the gallery has been long associated with.

This curatorial invitation is a provocation to the artists to share their most poignant inner worlds like alchemists of magic thus transforming the ordinary into the coveted. In this transfer of immateriality, the invitation to share personal singularities of what is most valued to each person opens up different realms to rediscover the intensity of the physical, material and imaginary worlds. These new sites of abstracted intimate realities plumb the fathoming of varying shades of sensorial memory through each artwork and allow us to live more intensely through its experience.

Tunty Chauhan



NSIC Exhibition Grounds Okhla, New Delhi, Delhi 110020, India

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