Ladi’s works exhibit his penchant for the eccentric and strange. They are often condensed narratives in which larger than life mechanical devices assume a central position, surround by limp human figures in postures of obeisance. Ladi infuses his sculptures with a queer humor that enables the viewer to access them, moving effortlessly from the familiar to the fantastic, or from the apparent to the suggested.

Ladi makes sculptures that are restlessly rooted in a pervasive multitude of life’s transforming manifestations. Through a tinge of the autobiographical that grows into a larger picture, through an indication of a story or an almost actual situation, he makes them yield a not so much surreal as a contradictory and phantasmagorical, strangely powerful poetry. Prithpal Singh Ladi,s elaborate stone monuments, complete with steel dragonflies and hindless frogs, are artistic sketches of a personal loss.

This was first Solo show after almost a decade.



Threshold Art Gallery

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