Exhibiting artists- Amit Ambalal, Anjolie Ela Menon, Debraj Goswami, John Tun Sien, Manisha Gera, Sheila Makhijani, T. M. Aziz, Theodore Mesquita, Gargi Raina, Jayshree Chakravarty, V. Ramesh, Vasudhara Tiwari Broota


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Curatorial Note

Mapping Memories Painted Travelogues is a unique body of work culled from memories of a series of workshops conducted by Gallery Threshold. It marks a journey over cultural routes that took us from Greece, through China, Burma And Bali.


It was not the destination but the journey that counted – the shared experiences, bondings and distilled memories that went into making this exhibition possible.


My grateful acknowledgements to all the participating artists for their generous and wholehearted cooperation.


As we move into our new space, the journey continues…


Tunty Chauhan



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