The word nest has come to stay with us, denoting a shelter, a home, a place of comfort, security and independence. It’s a place to return to. This ‘return’, this coming back home has a special significance, which reveals the importance of home, the nest as we know in many literary shades—gharonda, baserā, nīḍ, ghar as we refer to it in Hindi.

Our main concern and intent for this show was not only the physical house, but it’s metaphorical potential and also the spiritual realisation one may get from the usage of the home. It does not matter at what time, at what juncture, one examines the idea of the home. It will always be relevant. The home, a place often associated with generational identity and familial bond, at times also becomes a retreat and a refuge where one finds a place to meditate, think, and work solitarily as well.

Each work gets entrenched into the mind of the viewer with clarity, contagious energy and articulates a certain ineffable ‘truth’. The works in this show voice certain anxieties regarding the home, yet, all of them carry a certain prayer for it. This significantly makes this show a manifestation of an invocation for peace, order, and solace, presented with a visual treat of a rare kind.



Threshold Art Gallery, New Delhi

C-221, Sarvodya Enclave

New Delhi- 110017

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