An Exhibition of stoneware and porcelain by artist, Vinod Daroz.

Vinod Daroz draws inspiration from the natural world encapsulating the creative forces of Yin and Yang, of Lingam and Yoni. His Exhibition at Gallery Threshold, New Delhi starting 14th Feb 2016, features his recent sculptural installations. Titled ‘Papillon’ the assemblages are a stylistic and symbolic representation of these key forces and they take the shape of frames, cushions, pipe, spouts and flowering buds that explore sexuality, sensuality and memory.

Creating from the void, thrown pots, bowls, plates and vases, Daroz has direct contact with his medium that he deftly pinches moulds and folds to suit his expression which is often spiritual.

With his roots in a traditional jeweler’s family from South India, Vinod has a subliminal reference to the feminine forces of positivity, godliness and peace, alongside the architecture of the South Indian temple. The use of gold is extensive in this set of works, symbolising the well-being of our environment. The young Indian master of ceramic art presents his viewers with a stunning array of jewel-like creations that stretch across centuries.



Threshold Art Gallery

C221, Sarvodaya Enclave, New Delhi, 110017

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