In the moment

Life happens in the moment. So does my work. 

No past, no plans. No memories, no thoughts.

Just the canvas, and me.

The moment suggests the colours.

The charcoal crumbs. The feel. The force.

It tells me what to make. and when to stop.

Surrender to the moment, is my art.

rahul inamdar


Artist Note

Art it is not confined by language, medium or colour, it is freedom. Art goes beyond suggestion, depiction or memory, and can exist purely, for itself. Like space, time, sound or light, art can deliver a fundamental interminable experience, which could move the viewer, more than once. I want to create such art.

A lot of preparation takes place in the background, to achieve transparency, intensity, silence and music in my work. I read across disciplines, consume music, architecture, science philosophy – I believe it nourishes me, and the work. The core of my practice is in forgetting. It allows me to be with the canvas when I am making it. I hate sameness, so I consciously avoid getting stuck in a form. While my art is never pre-meditated, it is never an accident. I would say it is mined from the subconscious mind that is not fully conscious and yet not unconscious. It comes within the purview of intuition. When I find that a work is weak I do not edited or modify it but discard it all together. Each new piece of art, distills me, brings me closer to the essence of being. That is why I make art.

The colours emerge onto the canvas from the inner recesses of my mind, playing out in vibrant reds, somber grays and seductive shades of burnt sienna and forest green. The canvases are calibrated in such a manner that they appear different in different light. Very often, the emotion I am is trying to express is silence.


Threshold Art Gallery, New Delhi

C-221, Sarvodya Enclave          

New Delhi- 110017

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