Curatorial Note

Exploring the theme of self-portraiture, Reflecting the Self is a landmark exhibition in the scale and depth of its engagement. A well established genre in art history, self-portraits in this exhibition serve multiple functions: to act as a unifying thread between various artistic tropes; to serve as a marker of time, celebrating enduring relationships with artists nurtured over the 25 years since Gallery Threshold’s inception in 1997 and to critically examine how we view and present ourselves today, emerging from an intense period of seclusion and vulnerability. 


Beyond the self-portraits on view, the curatorial premise embraces a broader understanding of self-representation that encompasses alliterative and metaphorical approaches. The process of creating self-portraits holds profound significance for the artists themselves and for those who engage with their artwork in the exhibition. They are effective means for artists to connect with others, fostering empathy and sparking conversations about the intricate nature of the self. 


Curated by Tunty Chauhan and Deeksha Nath


Threshold Art Gallery

C221, Sarvodaya Enclave, New Delhi

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