thus they spoke thus i speak

No virtue, penance, knowledge, self-control

A doll to turn at other’s will – I danced whirled and fell. But he filled me in every limb, with love’s mad longing –

So that I might ascend from where there is no return. 

He showed his beauty and made me his’  Ah me, when shall I go to him.


Curatorial Note

Threshold Art Gallery is privileged to present “Voices of Remembrances Past”, a collection of significant paintings by V. Ramesh spanning the last ten years at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Bangalore. This show comes as a firm endorsement of our belief in one of the more remarkable artists to have emerged in India in the recent  past.

Ramesh articulates abstract ideas of faith, devotion and metaphysics much like a musician explores ragas, creating through paint and canvas compositions that are at the same time ephemeral and densely layered in meanings and metaphors. Each series comes from extensive research and scholarship, resonating ancient texts and myths.

Art that is received and appreciated by us and art that we are moved by is validated by V. Ramesh’s oils on canvas ; his images, drawn from a repository of cultural and philosophical traditions, are yet deeply personal and accessible even as they serve as documenters and influencers of an age.

Tunty Chauhan


N.G.M.A., Banglore

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