Artist V Ramesh takes his audience on a visual journey executed through the prism of devotional passion, fervour and intimacy. In his recent body of work the artist quotes the voices of four mystic women poets: Lal Ded from Kashmir, Karaikkal Ammiyar from Tamil Nadu, Akka Mahadevi from Karnataka and Andal who also hails from Tamil Nadu. 

The painted imagery quotes from historical sources, but also compliments and evolves from the text used with references references to old illustrations besides new paintings. 

In a suite of seventeen larger-than life canvases. The artist pays tribute to the four ‘sisters’ while sharing his own musings over divinity, mortality and corporality with his viewer. The interface evokes an experience which is as immersive immersive as their poetry for it alters the viewing distance from which the canvas is normally seen; it confines the audience by surrounding them with larger-than-life images viewed from close up.

The work has a resonance far beyond our times.



India Art Fair, New Delhi

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