Welcome to a journey that transcends boundaries, unites cultures and celebrates the essence of human connection – a testament to the power of collaboration, diversity and the beauty of the shared world.



Curatorial Note

In a world torn by strife and borders, Tarshito stands like a colossus, whose vision matches his ambition to celebrate brotherhood through artistic collaboration . His practice is a testament to cross-cultural exchange, a celebration of common humanity, and a deep respect for India’s cultural heritage, shaping his art and life profoundly.


Born in Italy, in 1952, Tarshito pursued architecture before his transformative journey to India in 1979. Since then, his extensive migratory pilgrimages across India ignited a passionate journey, nurturing a valuable repository of diverse Indian folk traditions and deep spiritual understanding, fostering close relationships with craftsmen and infusing new energy into indigenous practices and rare crafts. Amidst fading echoes of cultures lost to time, his sojourns have helped frame a critical archive.


This enigmatic figure forges a unique path, merging indigenous essence with contemporary expressions. His canvas is symbolic, a distinct vocabulary evolving through the medium of creativity—a gift, shared joyfully and generously, often in partnership with unacknowledged folk artists.


A Warrior of Love—he straddles continents in search of artistic inspiration and partnership, celebrating brotherhood.Hand-painting new geographies, he physically carries these borderless maps across continents to the remotest villages where he holistically collaborates with inheritors of a pre-modern past; his series of creating borderless maps and countries serves as an ode to a unified global community, transcending all boundaries.


In every way, each collaboration has turned out to be a celebration—a union of brotherhood, harmonising the diverse practices beyond binaries of folk and modern, contemporary and conceptual .


Over the last four decades, his behemoth engagement has carved a contemporary space for artisanal craft traditions within Indian modernity in an unparalleled scale— especially in the subcontinent, and in recent years to Columbia, Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, Mexico and Myanmar.


Tunty Chauhan


Crafts Museum, New Delhi

Crafts Museum, Bhairon Marg, New Delhi, India

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