The inception of Gallery Threshold in ’97 was a natural progression of my passion and appreciation for the arts. The gallery, for me, has never been a transactional space but the kernel of a quiet, safe sanctum where one can linger, reflect and absorb visual ideas manifested through the alchemy of the creative process from the artists’ memories, emotions, experiences and imaginations. From within this space, have blossomed enduring friendships, cultivated and nurtured through countless interactions and collaborations over the years, some of whom are part of this exhibition and many, many others who have played a meaningful role.

For this celebratory show, to share the nostalgic fragrance of this extraordinary journey, the artists have been invited to capture the essence of their memories and associations with plants and fragrances.

I’d like to thank the artists, patrons, writers, curators, journalists and the larger community that nourishes the arts ecosystem. 

None of this would have been possible without divine grace and a lot of support from my parents and my family. This show is dedicated to my mother, an artist herself, who planted in me the seeds that have come to define my life’s work. Her works are included in this exhibition. 

Two decades have passed … the passion grows deeper … the fragrance lingers.



Threshold Art Gallery

C221, Sarvodaya Enclave, New Delhi, 110017

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