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“One is inevitably living in today’s world ,”says Ramesh, “and I don’t think I am trying to escape this fact by reverting to the past. Its more like a single minded obsession, a world view that takes on all this as a part of one’s existence but stays with images and ideas that have held one captive”, he explains. “All this gets internalized and then gets sort of percolated in a more subtle manner as a manifestation of the experience; it is never a black and white thing.” He adds that he has been profoundly moved by the biting satire crossed with fluid emotion in the poetry of Akka and Lal Ded, as well as by the unmitigated devotion in Karaikallamma’s, who sought extreme physical ugliness from the Lord so that her sadhana remained unwavering and one pointed. “In fact I have read them so often, that for me it’s as if these saint-poets have become old friends, their images culled through the filter of their timeless writing”. Indeed their writings, in their original Tamil, Kannada and Kashmiri respectively, as well as their multitudes of translations into several languages including English, resonate in the literary world more than ever today.


Threshold Art Gallery

C221, Sarvodaya Enclave, New Delhi, 11017



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