Theatre of the Absurd at Gallery Threshold

V. Ramesh, Painter of Poets, 2013

Revisiting Beauty – Threshold Art Gallery

V Ramesh WITH Threshold Gallery, AT THE INDIA ART FAIR, 2017

V. Ramesh AT Threshold, 2017

Vipul Kumar Solo exhibition at Threshold, 2018

Cosmic Balance- Pandit Khairnar Solo Exhibition, at Threshold, 2018

Meher Vahid Solo Show at Threshold Art Gallery, curated by Achia Anzi, 2019

Skin: finer nuance at Threshold, 2019

Recap of the Year, 2019

Threshold at Abu Dhabi Art, 2020

Shaurya Kumar Insights

Recap of the year, 2020

Nest at threshold, 2021

Painted Almanac Framing Time at Threshold, 2019

V.Ramesh, Artist Notices The Unnoticed

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